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Getting High With The Right KGs

Posted on March 08 2020

We love to explore new countries. We enjoy experiencing different cultures. We feel accomplished when checking off our bucket list. These are some of the upsides of travel. And then there are the airport security restrictions (like liquids), the delays in flights and the airline restrictions-primarily luggage restrictions- like keeping it tight on those kgs!  Unless you’re a premium passenger (Frequent flyer status), or flying upper class, chances are you’re limited to 20 - 23kgs.

One of the most frequently asked questions for me is, how do you pack efficiently for your trips. Of course, the kind of trip you’re taking plus the climate you’re heading into has a big influence on how you pack- bikinis versus turtle necks changes the whole game BUT in general, I do have a formula that works and I stick super tight to it! Then based on the climate I’ll adjust tops to sweaters/sweatshirts and dresses to caftans accordingly.

You don't need to buy another suitcase! Packing luggage can be easy with these tips | Odyssey By Yendi Blog

Build around jeans/bottoms and shoes!

Yep, that’s the key for me. With jeans, they’re easily worn multiple times and so you can mix and match many outfits with them as the base of your wardrobe. So work with 2 varying washes for the jeans that way you create a variation in the looks/styles. For example, a dark blue skinny jean & a light blue boyfriend cut. 

4 pairs of shoes offer more than enough options for your weeklong trip. Think comfy for travel days and excursion days- trainers/sneakers. Sandals. A neutral coloured sandal has room to work with daytime outfits and nighttime outfits; black, flesh tone, gold, all can go with just about anything. A pair of heels. For evening occasions or the necessary dressy option, because hey, your trip may just include a fancier night out or two. And then for your 4th option, you can add an alternate option for any of the looks that you may be doing more of based on the nature of the trip. For me, it’s usually another sandal or closed flat because I always do more things that require me to be super comfortable. 

Recommendation for an 8 day / 7 night trip – 2 pairs of jeans

Recommendation for an 8 day / 7 night trip – 4 pairs of shoes

Tops. For each pair of jeans pack 4 tops. Vary the tops between casual tees, long sleeve button-ups/jumpers. But a MASSIVE KEY to this is to find a colour palette and build around it! This simplifies the accessorizing component. That I will elaborate on shortly.

Recommendation for an 8 day / 7 night trip – 8 tops

Dresses. With a selection of 4 dresses, you give room for casual day looks and dressed up nighttime options.  You can never go wrong with 1 LBD- a little black dress almost always comes in handy. Another clear evening/dressy option and then 2 dresses that can go from daytime into dinner that you can do with either sandals or heels; this allows for versatility. 


So this is going back to the reference I made about the colour palette. So if you’re working with greys, blacks and whites, then it is easy to go with one or two belts, similar jewelry and handbags because what works with one is more likely to work with the rest. So, for example, I’m going with a coral, white and brown palette. This allows me to interchange gold sandals, brown belts and a brown handbag throughout most if not all of my looks. This simplifies the need to pack tons of accessories because I can select a few earrings, bracelets, cuffs…name it that can all fit into the palette I’ve selected for the weeklong trip.

This was actually one of THE GREATEST practices I adopted to simplify my packing process. I used to be packing a black handbag, a brown handbag, gold accessories, silver accessories, multiple belts and I’d get home and half the items weren’t worn….a serious overkill.

And then I always throw in a swimsuit because hey you just never know. And then if where I’m heading is a beach resort that number quadruples.

Also never forget to put in a couple of sweaters, and a couple shawls/scarves. Even if where you’re heading is tropical the airports are generally too cold for even bacteria to survive so hey! Actually that really must be why they’re all so cold! heads to do research


I try my best to simplify my toiletries by using travel-sized bottles but more often than not, this is just where the bulk of the weight in my bag is. Between the skin products and hair products, this is just one area that I’ve had to learn to accept that it just is what it is.

This was for an 11day/10night trip so I added an additional top for each bottom and another dress.  The trainers to the left are the ones I traveled in so I had 5 pairs of shoes total. | Odyssey By Yendi Blog

This was for an 11day/10night trip so I added an additional top
for each bottom and another dress. The trainers to the left
are the ones I traveled in, so I had 5 pairs of shoes total.

Intimates and Extras

My “intimates” formula is 2 underwear per day, with varying bras that match. My intimates ratio: 4:1. One bra to every 4 underwear. 1 set of pajamas for every 2 to 3 nights.  And let’s not forget that whatever pants/bottoms that you travel in gives you an additional bottom to get in the mix 😃.

The Result

18.5kgs! The total weight with room to pick up a few bits | Odyssey By Yendi Blog

18.5kgs! The total weight with room to pick up a few bits 😄

So there you have it! My efficient packing formula! I hope the pointers were useful to ya! And most importantly continue getting high with the right kgs!!

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