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To Wonder Or To Wanderlust?! A To Do List for Travel Lovers During Quarantine

Posted on May 21 2020

Basking under the beautiful Cane River Falls, St. Andrew, Jamaica | Yendi Phillipps Travel | Odyssey By Yendi

The Beautiful Cane River Falls, St. Andrew, Jamaica
When I think of the word “Wanderlust” this photo is literally what comes to mind!
It is everything I love about travel and the world I live to explore!

For many of us who are avid travellers and dream in kaleidoscopes of unexplored terrains, the world came to a standstill with the advent of COVID-19. None of us have experienced anything like this in our lifetimes and probably won’t for the rest of the time we have here on earth. This unprecedented pandemic stopped us in our tracks, particularly when it comes to travel. I myself had flights booked to visit 6 new countries between April and May, and while it leaves me something to look forward to in the future, the void left from being unable to experience long anticipated bucket list travel, is almost tangible.

This has left many of us wondering what will happen, as state heads themselves cant quite put their finger on what the future of travel will look like. Well the good news is that while we all still wonder how it will all go, we still have the ability to wander from the comfort of our homes. Alas, we have the internet, which connects us, and gives us access to the things that make you go mmm- in both senses. Well, some of the good “mmm’s” are coming right up for ya!


1. Virtual Museum Tours

Culture and history are two of the things that I am most intrigued by when I visit somewhere new and one of the best ways to experience this is by visiting museums. Albeit most of us are currently in our home countries, we can still have some pretty awesome virtual experiences! Cue France and Italy where we will experience The Louvre and The Vatican, respectively.  I have visited both these places, but during the middle of summer and in the thick of crowds. It was nice to see it all again and savour it in an even more informative format. It will also inform your future visit when things get back to some semblance of normal.


2. Travel Based Books

So this here girl LOVES a good book! It is so easy for me to get lost in a good read and before I know it morning turns into afternoon and then day turns into night. Books have also inspired many of my travels. When the author helps me paint the picture in my mind's eye I end up falling in love with the place before I even get there; this has happened to me with “Inferno” by Dan Brown for Turkey, “Eight Hundred Grapes” by Laura Dave for Napa Valley, California, and so many others. So those are good ones if you’re up for it but here’s what I’ll recommend:

    • Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
    • The Good Girls Guide to Getting Lost by Rachel Friedman


3. Try Cuisine From Around The World

My fave of ALL faves is FOOOOODDDD!!!! And one way I definitely carry my mind and taste buds elsewhere is with eating! I often carry home spices from the countries I visit (I go buck wild in spice souks or bazaars) and recreate the food that made a seriously good impression on me. My recommendations:

  • Italian – My go to Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Grilled Salmon in garlic and fresh herbs, Seafood Fettuccine Alfredo etc.
  • Asian Fusion – Ginger Escallion ANYTHING! Also anything in a sweet chilli sauce, Fried Rice, Pad Thai, etc.
  • Mexican- Yep Good old Taco Tuesday, Mexican Monday, Guacamole Thursday, Enchilada Friday…lol just kidding… or not. I find Mexican super easy even when its just good old rice, grilled chicken and black beans!


 Homemade Pad Thai Noodles  with Sweet Chilli Salmon-quarantine dinner | Odyssey By Yendi

 Homemade Pad Thai Noodles
with Sweet Chilli Salmon-quarantine dinner


4. Try An International Cocktail…or Two!

I truly feel like there is no special designated authorized “Happy Hour”. Not while you’re on holiday and definitely NOT while we’re in quarantine! So if you feel like you may have had one too many “quarantinis” then let me introduce to something new to jazz it up!

  • Lets’ make our way to Cuba for a Café Bombon.– Originally from Spain, Café Bombon is essentially equal parts espresso and condensed milk, however, while in Cuba, the version I had, also had Bailey’s Rum Cream; very very special! YUM!
  • Caipirinha from Brazil- The caipirinha(kai-per-REEN-ya), made from cachaça, lime, and sugar, is Brazil's national cocktail. Try one, and you'll see why. Substitute white rum for a caipirissima. Rum is a sugar-based alcohol like cachaça (from molasses, rather than sugarcane juice) and produces a similar, though less earthy flavor. Because of its simpler flavor profile, rum mixes slightly better with fruit than cachaça.


5. Watch Wanderlust Films

When it comes to films, I’m more of a drama, romance, rom-com type a girl. And so many wanderlust films fit right into my favourite genres of movies. Without even thinking long and hard I suggest:

  • Under The Tuscan Sun
  • The Bucket List
  • Eat Pray Love (if you prefer to watch it rather than read it but it is worth the read in my opinion)


6. Travel Based TV Shows/Series

Again can you really have too much travel content? I say no! So if you’re all about the “Netflix and Chill” try out:

  • Human Planet
  • Travels With My Father


7. Bucket List Planning

Aahhh one of my all-time favourite past times; I can spend hours getting lost in research coming up with “bucket list” plans! The most important thing on my bucket list currently:

  • Completing the New Wonders Of The World. I was actually in Jordan where I saw Petra, right when things started changing globally in relation to COVID-19. After Jordan, I was booked to fly to Cairo, where I would check the Pyramids of Giza off my bucket list, Unfortunately, I made the decision to cut the trip short, but fortunately, I still have my ticket, so it gives me something to look forward to maybe in early 2021, when things kick start and settle off.


Petra, Jordan right before everything changed | Yendi Phillipps Travel | Odyssey By Yendi

Petra, Jordan on March 7, 2020 – literally before everything changed!

I hope these were helpful to those of us who love to travel, live to explore new countries, relish rich heritage, get engrossed in cultures, continue to wander but are indeed never lost.